How much does it cost?


We'll charge you only when you sell stuff on NuPlays. Here are our rates:

- all other offers (CDs, Vinyls, your t-shirts etc): 10 % of the buyer price

- tickets for events: 6,5 % of the buyer price

- NuPlays On Demand t-shirts: 10 % of the buyer price (it's calculated by adding the amount you want to receive for each tshirt sold + cost of production and shipping the t-shirt to the client: $13.5 or €11,5 or £9 worldwide)

NuPlays Live (live paid video streaming): contact us

As our remuneration covers all the costs (incl. PayPal fees) we charge the minimum of $0,99 or €0,99 or £0,59  per transaction.

When you decide to give your buyer additional NuPlays points, the price for buyer will change – you will be able to see the final price immediately in the form, while adding your offer. Granting additional points is optional.

Transfer of funds

Every time a buyer makes a payment for your offer on NuPlays, a sum of money which you set as your price is registered in Payouts section of your Seller account (accessible via You can pay out your money any time (money will be transfered to yout PayPal automatically on working days within 24 hours of payment order - this means that the payments ordered on Friday evening or at the weekend will be processed on Monday by the end of the day).NuPlays' fee is transferred directly to NuPlays’ account. To withdraw the funds from your payment processing account, follow the instructions provided by PayPal.

Can NuPlays charge me any additional fees?

No. NuPlays’ commission covers the total cost of the services it provides: cost of access to payment processing systems, hosting, file transfer as well as the MEGAoffer program. The payment processing system may charge a small fee when transferring funds from PayPal to your bank account. See PayPal's terms of service.


If your account turnover exceeds € 1000, contact us to discuss an individual offer for your access to the NuPlays platform.

Merchandise at over $100

If you decide to present offers at a price exceeding $100 (Your price), contact us for a special NuPlays offer!